PATHbase™ represents a new dimension in pathology software combining the ease of use of Microsoft Windows ® with the benefits of a relational database and client/server architecture. 

The Microsoft SQL Server® database provides high performance, cost effective information storage and retrieval, available on a wide range of platforms with true 24 hour availability and powerful transaction logging and data recovery. In addition, SQL Server has comprehensive security features ensuring confidentiality of information across the internet or within dialup environment.

PATHbase™ allows complete operation and management of a pathology laboratory with minimum personnel and is suitable for large and small hospital and private facilities. 

PATHbase™ provides management software for pathology laboratories across the full spectrum of pathology – Anatomical , Oral, Biochemistry, Histopathology, Forensic, Immunology, Hematology and Microbiology. 

PATHbase™provides industry standards for

  • Database Connectivity  and Query language (SQL)
  • Standardised Reporting
  • Standards Australia compliant HL7 & PIT result messaging
  • Analyser Interface ASTM  (Single User Interface to all analyzer equipment).
    • (Manufacturer specific non-standard interfaces are also supported)

Extensible automated laboratory instrument interfaces including Abbott Diagnostics CELL-DYN 3500, Variant II; Roche Integra, Amplicor, Argos, Mira, Fara, Core; Beckman CX7, Array and Access; ACL-200; Sysmex CA-1000, SF-3000; Australian Diagnostics Data*Haem; Dade Test1; Dade Behring Vitalab Viva; Wallac Wizard; Coulter MAXM; ASTM-compliant eg. Abbott Diagnostics AxSYM and Architect Systems, Ciba-Corning ACS:180, Sysmex Data*NE.

  • Flexible Site and Test specific reporting
    • Seamless integration of images and other specialized reporting requirements into Pathology Reporting.

PATHbase™ minimizes personnel, is cost effective for both a small to larger organizations.  It provides an integrated system from request ordering to billing and ultimately money in the bank.

PATHbase™  provides user-definable phrases and abbreviations for rapid entry of text results in combination with voice recognition dictation integrating Dragon Dictate Medical. 

PATHbase™ Account Manager provides batch automated billing of requests for private, Medicare and Department of Veterans Affairs. Incorporates Medicare rules for pathology billing. Electronic submission and reconciliation of Medicare and DVA bulk bill accounts by Medclaims.  Complete database of all pathology AMA & MBS items, descriptions and charges.



Referring Doctor & Practice Database



"We have had MEDbase for five years, and it just keeps working"

Dr Greg Crosland, Dermatlogist



".. The personal Service is as important to me as the quality of the software item, which in itself has been excellent."

Dr Stephen Potter, Rheumatologist


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