Operator Function  Operator Functions

     Display of outstanding requested tests by department, test grouping or tests for a specified analyser

     Manual entry of numeric and text results

     Text results optionally entered by selection from user defined screen of phrases.

     Display of request form image allows checking of clinical notes

     Printing of worklists by department, services of the same type or tests for a specified analyser

     Deletion of cancelled tests

     Entry/removal of operator comments

     Specification of recalls by type and period. Maintains details of users entering results

     Review of previous reports and results for same patient available

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Result Validation

     Display of results from requests with unvalidated results and completed referring doctor and patient details

     Modification of result prior to validation

     Automatic assignment of normal ranges according to patient age and sex

     Flagging of abnormal and critical results

     Addition of departmental or test specific comments

     Validation of results makes them eligible for reporting

     Maintains user id performing validations

     Graphical display on-screen of result trends

     Alert if current result differs from previous result by more than Delta Check quantum

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Result Reports

     Print result reports with unprinted results - can be selected by report format, referring doctor, patient, date range, referring practice postcode, couriers, courier runs, urgent, confidential or all requests with unprinted results

     Optional batching of printing by report format, final and/or incomplete requests

     User selectable latest only or historical plus latest results

     Optional printing of trend graphs over time

     Reports can be reprinted by referring doctor, patient, date range, referring practice post code, couriers, courier runs, urgent, confidential, request or request range in a nominated date range

     Maintains date last printed, number of copies printed

     Support for automatic collation and enveloping machines

     Print laboratory internal result list

     Reports may be printed or faxed directly. Faxing can be set to happen automatically once results are validated.

     Services or groups of services can be defined to print on specially formatted result reports (service specific reports) allowing test sets to be displayed as required. Development of these site specific, service specific reporting formats can be performed by the laboratory or McCauley Software.


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