Billing  Module ACCOUNTS

Batched automated billing of requests for private, Medicare and Department of Veterans Affairs. Incorporates Medicare rules for pathology billing.
Maintenance of Medicare and DVA batches with ability to modify items billed
Batch reconciliation with ability to mark account as paid, disputed, partly paid, written off
Complete private accounts system with account printing by debtor age, recording payments, printing receipts, printing banking statement
Electronic submission and reconciliation of Medicare and DVA bulk bill accounts by Medclaims and HIC Online.
Check patient registration details and eligibility with Medicare in real-time via HIC Online.
Complete database of all pathology MBS items, descriptions and charges
Aged debtors, partitioned into Bulk bill and Private
Comprehensive reports of accounting transactions, period summaries, cash flow, debtors etc.
HIC Online support for in-office claiming of patient private accounts.
Generation, submission and electronic reconciliation of bulk-bill accounts can be fully automated with no paperwork required using HIC Online. DVA billing will also become paperless with the next release of HIC Online due in November, 2005.
With the next release of HIC Online (November, 2005) the following functions will also become available:
      Check DVA patient eligibility in real-time
      Paperless DVA pathology claiming
      Check for patient eligibility for item number – This function will allow checking if patients’ have had an item number charged in the past which would make them ineligible for bulk-billing e.g. cholesterol, PSA. This will short circuit the current bulk-bill/reject cycle, allowing the laboratory to either not perform the test (if appropriate) or generate a private account.

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User-definable phrases and abbreviations for rapid entry of text results in combination with voice recognition dictation integrating Dragon Dictate Medical

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Creation, management and archiving of request form scanned images and result images (e.g. histology slides) via integrated imaging database

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INR/Warfarin dosing subsystem with integrated retesting interval management and graphical presentation of INR/Warfarin dose history.

Specialised Blood Grouping data entry screen with automated data consistency checks

Support for sophisticated Respiratory testing including saline and mecholyl challenges, DLCO, lung volumes, Isocapnic Hyperventilation (single dose and 3 dose protocols) and allergy testing. This module was developed in conjunction with the Department of Respiratory Medicine, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, and includes the latest normal values for Australian populations (including indigenous).

Support for Vascular ultrasound reports including datasets and reporting modules for upper and lower limb as well as cerebrovascular ultrasounds. This module was developed in conjunction with Peninsula Vascular Diagnostics, Sydney.

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Print daylist by date, date range or request ID range
Print audit of tests performed in date range with results, operator, validator, amender IDs
Preprint/reprint barcode labels in specified request ID range
Print billings/referrals by referring doctors and date range (full or brief)
Print referring doctor list by name or practice postcode
Print recall letters by recall type and date range
Print audit of services billed over a nominated period
Alert manager for critical/urgent/overdue results – reports allow managers to monitor laboratory processing and operator response times for critical and urgent results. The Alert manager can also be customised to provide alerts when any PATHbase event occurs or fails to occur in a specified time-frame. Examples include report not printed within specified interval after result validation, specified types of results e.g. cardiac enzymes not completed within nominated elapsed time etc. Responses by staff and managers to alerts are captured and reports provide statistical summaries which can be derive and/or monitor PKIs etc.

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HL7 Support for ordering and result delivery. Support for electronic delivery of results via standard messages either in PIT format or AS4700.2-2004 (HL7 V 2.3.1).

 Tranports for messages supported include dial-up, HTTPS, HealthLink and Argus (Secure e-mail). Demonstrated interoperability with leading desktop packages from HCN and IBA.

PATHbase supports electronic ordering and results delivery with other PATHbase sites via HL7. HL7 electronic ordering and result delivery shown at IHE interoperability demonstration, HISA Health Informatics Conference (HIC), 2005.

PATHbase was the only pathology software that was able to successfully participate.

Electronic Ordering via Telepathy or HL7 from other PATHbase sites or medical desktops.





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