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PATHbase represents a new dimension in pathology software combining the ease of use of Microsoft Windows NT / XP with the benefits of a relational database and client/server architecture.

The Microsoft SQL Server database provides high performance, cost effective information storage and retrieval available on a wide range of platforms with true 24 hour availability and powerful transaction logging and data recovery. In addition, SQL Server has comprehensive security features ensuring confidentiality of information even in a dial-up or VPN environment.


McCauley Software Pty Ltd is an HIC approved Medclaims and HIC Online Pathology software supplier.

PATHbase allows complete operation and management of a pathology laboratory with minimum personnel and is suitable for large and small hospital and private facilities. Primary modules:

Request and Specimen Logging - Managers can define specimens and services. Request forms can be scanned and distributed electronically as images around the laboratory. Printing of specimen barcode labels

Storage of Patient information including information required for Medicare and private accounts.

  • Comprehensive checking of patient data via on-line query to Medicare (HIC Online) and matching of patient address against electronic street directory.
  • Optional rapid request double entry check, significantly reduces data entry errors

Storage of referring doctor and practice information

Operator entry of manual results with user-definable Operator comments

Extensible automated laboratory instrument interfaces including Abbott Diagnostics CELL-DYN 3500, Variant II; Roche Integra, Amplicor, Argos, Mira, Fara, Core; Beckman CX7, Array and Access; ACL-200; Sysmex CA-1000, SF-3000; Australian Diagnostics Data*Haem; Dade Test1; Dade Behring Vitalab Viva; Wallac Wizard; Coulter MAXM; ASTM-compliant eg. Abbott Diagnostics AxSYM and Architect Systems, Ciba-Corning ACS:180, Sysmex Data*NE.

Automatic upload of results from instrument interfaces. Host-query support. Single user view of analyser interfaces reduces requirements for operator training. Support for user definable/analyser specific workbenches.

Validation of results, both numeric and text, with attachment of standard or one-off comments. Automated setting/flagging of normal and critical ranges based on patient age and sex.

Triggered automatic comments are user definable and can be triggered on any combination of result value, patient age and sex

Reports: result reports and a wide variety of management reports. Output to printer, screen, fax

Service specific reports allow reporting of defined data sets in laboratory specific formats.

Management facility to set up services, specimens, reference ranges, units, comments, analysers, courier runs, consultants, departments, user accounts, collection centres, item numbers, electronic messaging.

 User-definable phrases and abbreviations for rapid entry of text results in combination with voice recognition dictation integrating Dragon Dictate Medical.

User-definable automated recalls and generation of recall letters (eg. for PAP smears)

Complete billing and account management for both Medicare and private accounts including Medicare account submission on-line - Medclaims and HIC Online.

Remote access via dial-up telephone line or VPN for secure viewing and printing of results. This allows requesting practitioners to access their patients' results

Creation, management and archiving of request form scanned images and result images (e.g. histology slides) via integrated imaging database.

Automated on-line database backup to tape

Five level extensible user grouping for security and differential access with per user tailoring of differential access by function.

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