PATHbase    Specimen Reception & Logging
Request/Barcode/Result scanning

Request and Specimen Logging -

Managers can define specimens and services.

Request forms can be scanned and distributed electronically as images around the laboratory. Printing of specimen barcode labels will then be attached to scanned forms.

Storage of Patient information including information required for Medicare and private accounts.  Comprehensive checking of patient data via on-line query to Medicare (HIC Online) and matching of patient address against electronic street directory.

Entry of specimens received and tests requested by selection from specimen list,department specific test list, or test hot-list of most frequently ordered tests.  Entry of test abbreviations. Entry of specimen site if required.

Dynamically maintained test hot-list per workstation

Automatic assignment of laboratory request number

Optional on-line printing of bar codes

Association of request with previously entered patient or entry of new patient details including Name/Date of Birth/Sex , Medicare and/or , Veterans Affairs number , Default billing category , Mailing address , Contact numbers - Home/Work phone and Fax , Usual referring doctor

Optionally mark request as urgent with urgent contact number or confidential

Entry of doctors to whom report copies should be sent in addition to referring doctor

Association of request with referring doctor from doctors database or referring doctors hot-list. Optionally, the referring doctor may be entered by scanning the barcode on personalised request forms

Optional entry of Clinical notes

Optional entry of Collection centre

Entry of billing category for current request if different from patient or doctor related default billing categories.

Optional entry of referring practice patient ID code.

Modification of previously entered requests.

Find/View previous requests by laboratory request number, patient name, referring doctor, referral date (or date range), request status, external request ID.

Reprinting of request form for doctor signature if incompletely filled or additional tests ordered.

Processing of the request by other workstations can proceed prior to entry of patient and referring doctor details.



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