System Requirements

Minimum Requirements for MEDbase™ / PATHbase™ Server

    At least a Pentium processor with minimum 128Mb memory (256MB recommended),

    2GB hard disk, floppy disk and CD-ROM drive

    WinNT/2000/XP/Windows Business Server 2003.

    A tape backup unit, removable disk drive or CD/DVD-Writer is strongly recommended for off-site backup.

    Depending on workload, software options and number of workstations,

    more processing power, memory and/or disk capacity may be specified.

    For support and  AMA/MBS updates, a modem or internet access is required for remote support/updates,

     Medclaims, HIC Online and electronic faxing.

     In general a separate, direct phone line or cable Internet connection is recommended.

Further workstations

    Operating system - Windows NT/2000/XP.

    Each workstation requires at least a Pentium processor with 64Mb memory and 400Mb available disk space.

    Where there is more than one computer, each must include a networking card and the premises suitably cabled

    (routers and hubs if nececessary).

Software supplied by McCauley Software includes

    Operating system - Windows NT/2000/XP/Windows Business Server 2003

    Microsoft SQL Server7/2000

    MEDbase™ , PATHbase™

    optionally Microsoft Word or Office ,  Zetafax Software, DragonDictate v8.0 and Imaging components of software.