McCauley Software Pty Ltd

Computing for the Medical Profession



"we have found that the service you have provided has been excellent... (MEDbase) has made a remarkable difference to the efficiency of our system. The database works extremely well, the accounting system has been easy to use, and the fact that it has all been integrated has been a major advantage The personal service is as important to me as the quality of the software item, which in itself has been excellent."

          Dr Stephen Potter, Rheumatologist



"The Pulmonary Function Laboratory of the Department of Respiratory Medicine at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney Australia has been using McCauley Database Software very successfully since 1986. The database is flexible and requires very little maintenance. The database has covered analysis and display for all bronchial provocation tests and remains the market leader in that aspect. The outputs are simple and easy to understand and should be a guiding light to those attempting to report lung function tests and bronchial provocation tests.... McCauley Software, the quiet achiever."

Dr Sandra Anderson, Department of Respiratory Medicine, R.P.A.H.



"we have had it for five years, and it just keeps working!"            

    Dr Greg Crosland,